Our Goals & Values

The development of SafeCoin builds upon proven cryptocurrency code and ideals with a goal of making a safe and global cryptocurrency ecosystem that can be used by individuals, businesses, and governments. SafeCoin begins with the belief that liberty, truth, and freedom in a digital age are built directly upon the foundations of strong decentralized security and privacy.

SafeCoin is a community driven project with a growing and dedicated team of talented and passionate individuals. We are aligned in the vision of building a safe, secure and decentralized foundation capable of realizing the full potential of what blockchain has to offer humanity and the environment we depend upon.

A fundamental value in our project and our community is that we are stronger together. Blockchain is for everyone. We support everyone who contributes to blockchain, and we believe that anyone with a dream to make this world better with blockchain should have a chance to realize that dream. We do not compete with blockchains. We compete with fiat. At all possible turns we choose to work with other blockchain projects to make them stronger. We work with businesses to give them the tools to prosper in a decentralized multifaceted economy. We work with individuals who strive to see their innovations realized. This philosophy is in every interaction we have, every feature we add, every goal we set, and in all the code we write. It is never enough to have a single point of security. We believe in a diverse thriving network of innovation that allows creativity and inspiration to be realized in a store of value anywhere in the world at any time. We are working to foster a stronger, safer blockchain community through cooperation, collaboration, and innovative networking solutions that provide the security for dreams to be realized.

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Our Amazing Team

At the heart of SafeCoin is a diverse, talented, dedicated group of fantastic individuals from around the world. Check if you're talking to the right person, check the Discord ID (the 18 numbers) or click on Socials.

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